Emociones al límite


Spanish - Costa Rica

How could I translate the phrase "Emociones al límite" in the following context:

"la serie final mantuvo las emociones al límite desde el primer juego"

Thanks in advance for the help.
  • JBJ

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    Argentina - Castellano
    I'm thinking of this phrase:

    ..... kept (the spectators?) on the edge of their seats ....

    But it changes the original literal meaning.... because it does not mention any spectators or anything... but it's my try.


    Spanish - Costa Rica
    Thanks JBJ!

    Actually I'm translating an article talking about the NBA Finals and in the paragraph it doesn't mention spectators, but I think it could work anyway, it will be something like

    "The Finals series kept the spectators on the edge of their seats since Game 1"

    Does that sound ok?
    Thanks again