emotion gave way to/was replaced by another thought

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“The first thing Rob Childress felt was pride at the news that Will Bolt and Jeff Christy were headed back to Nebraska. He met both as teenagers when he recruited them to be Huskers. Both had been key members of his Texas A&M coaching staff in recent seasons.

Then the emotion gave way to another thought from the head coach who has guided the Aggies to 13 straight NCAA regionals: These guys are ready for what’s next.”

The coach who recruited Will Bolt, Jeff Christy sees bright future for Huskers' new leaders

I take "gave way to" to mean "was replaced by". However, what is the difference in connotation between these two expressions?
  • Barque

    "Gave way" suggests that the emotion gradually died down, to be replaced by another thought. It "yielded" to the latter thought.


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    Except in its meaning of collapsing, I always imagine “giving way” as yielding gracefully (After you, sir!). :D

    But according to Lexico, its meaning “Allow someone or something to be or go first” is restricted to British English. Is that true, I wonder?
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