Emotionally exhausted [wrung out]

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Hi, native speakers of English!

During an interview with a Scottish singer (Paolo Nutini), he gets asked how he feels after a concert. There is a word (maybe two words) in the interviewer's question that I can't understand. I imagine it is an expression that means "emotionally exhausted", and sounds like /raid aut/. This is the sentence in question:

"If you are singing live, you must be pretty _____ by the time you've finished, if you give every song that amount of emotional investment."

Any ideas?

Thank you in advance.
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    Thank you, Andygc. I don't really now... <moderator note: link removed. Video links require prior approval. Please contact a moderator.>
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    I watched the snippet on the BBC's server. The interviewer says 'wrung out' [the past participle of 'wring out' (?) / like a dishcloth (?)].

    He fumbles for the right expression, which is why his delivery suddenly accelerates over 'wrung out'. The rest of your transcription is perfect.

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