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French (lower Normandy)
emparejar vi(ser igual, equivalente)match up vtr phrasal sep
(two things, persons)pair [sb/sth] with v expr
Estos dos calcetines no emparejan, son de distinto color.
Philip was color-blind, so he could not match up the socks.
The instructor paired Carlos with Michael for the tennis doubles match.
emparejar vtr(formar una pareja)pair off, pair up, match up vtr phrasal sep
(slang, sometimes vulgar)hook up vtr phrasal sep
El criador de perros solo empareja perros de raza.
The dog breeder only pairs off purebreds.

The Sentences of Sense1 don't translate back into "emparejar" as an intransitive verbs, but as a transitive verbs; as a result, they should go to Sense2.

For Sense2, I would add:
match - English-Spanish Dictionary -
match [sth] with [sth] vtr + prep(join, pair) (cosas iguales)emparejar vtr
(MX)encuatar vtr
In this game, you need to match each card with another card with the same design.
En este juego, tienes que emparejar dos cartas del mismo palo.
(for objects)

and fix up - English-Spanish Dictionary -

fix [sb] up with [sb],
fix up [sb] and [sb]
v expr
informal (pair romantically)juntar a alguien con loc verb
emparejar a alguien con loc verb
enganchar a alguien con loc verb
Joan is trying to fix me up with one of her single friends.
Joan está tratando de juntarme con alguno de sus amigos solteros.
(for people/potential couple)
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