Emperor Nasty-Pants

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  1. Inculte Member

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    I'm stucked with this one :
    "Emperor Nasty-Pants erupted with wile-smelling vapors the whole time, waking bright-eyed, jubilant with the triumph of a new day, just as Drummond fell back into an uneasy doze."

    The character has been sleeping in a "hotel" (this takes place in the 17th century).

    I guess it must be some kind of metaphor for or reference to the sun, right ?

    If someone has an explanation, it would be a relief !
  2. bdubow New Member

    english - U.K
    The character wakes up feeling very happy and full of life at the same time as 'Drummond' falls into an unsatisfying sleep.

    Does that help at all?
  3. orlando09 Senior Member

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    English (England)
    If it refers to the sun, it's not very obvious... is there not some other character in the story it could refer to??
  4. Inculte Member

    Français - France
    Oh... I'm totally lost now.
    The character IS Drummond. We know he's been in this kind of tavern, "sleeping alongside a loutish sail captain".
    And then there is this sentence. Could the "Emperor Nasty-Pants" be related to the "loutish captain" anyhow ?...
    I guess I'll have to ask the author...
  5. Jmus Member

    First, I have to say that this is one of the most bizarre sentences I've read in a while, and I would love to read that book. :)

    Second, and this interpretation may be completely off, I think that 'Emperor Nasty-Pants' would refer to the loutish captain, who probably took up most of the bed (like an emperor who thinks everything belongs to him) and that he had very smelly gas emissions from his 'pants' throughout the night while he slept. The smell and the lack of space in the bed meant that Drummond did not get much sleep at all - but the captain slept well and awoke refreshed.

    Hope this helps.
  6. Inculte Member

    Français - France
    Thanx Jmus, tahts helps indeed !
  7. archijacq Senior Member

    french France
    l'empereur Pètensoie/Puduku ?
  8. Inculte Member

    Français - France
    Nice shot, archijacq !
    I like "Empereur Puduku", but I'm afraid it's a bit too gross.

    L'Empereur Crotte-au-Cul ?
  9. archijacq Senior Member

    french France
    aussi: Empereur Foirole (nom populaire de la mercuriale)

    Mercuriale vivace, Mercuriale pérenne, chou de chien, cynocrambe, Foirole, caquenlit, chiole, cagarelle,

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