Empezar a contar el tiempo

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    De Madrid (España) de toda la vida
    the context is that some people have to do a certain task and they have to finish it before 60 minutes. Someone can help me translate into english this sentence?

    en cuanto oigas: ¡¡ya!! empiezará a contar el tiempo.

    what i really need to know is how to say "empezar a contar el tiempo"

    thank you, regards
  2. The Prof

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    The literal translation would be 'start counting the time ...'. However, it is unlikely that the idea would be expressed in that way in English.

    A more natural way of expressing it might be: "The time / your hour will begin when you hear "now"'.
  3. Chulapa Member

    De Madrid (España) de toda la vida
    thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

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