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    Greetings all,

    Another Kuriosum from Wagner, I am afraid, for which in conventional Wörterbücher I find no satisfactory explanation.

    In Götterdämmerung Act III Gunther is a little cross with Hagen for having "stolen" the Ring and says, as Hagen motions to take it from him:

    zurück! Was mir verfiel sollst nimmer du empfahn!

    Then in Parsifal (Act I) the Knights gather for their "Communion Meal", and their resounding chorus ends with these words:

    ...wer guter Tat sich freut
    ihm wird das Mahl erneut,
    der Labung darf er nahn,
    die hehrste Gab' empfahn.

    Obviously empfangen is meant, but now my question - is this a Wagnerian oddity, or are there other literary authorities for this form?
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    Dear demiurg

    Sorry I did not get there. But I note now, thanks to you, that Grimm says
    But thank you so much anyway:).

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    I guess "seltnere, ältere form" is an understatement. Adelung already called it outdated in 1796! :)

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