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bit in time

When you want to emphasize something you say
like this
"I do want a car " not just "I want a car" you would use "do" to emphasize

My question is can I emphasize in the past form
like this
" I did want a car"
  • Lalajuela

    Senior Member
    Spanish- Costa Rica, English-USA
    It's completely fine to say "I did want a car" but some of the emphasis is lost, because "did" here could be just to make the sentence past tense. For emphasis purposes in the past, I would say, "I really did want a car."


    New Member
    English, London
    Normally you'd say "I did want a car" if you don't want one anymore or want something else now. But yes, if you stress it like "I DID want a car" it seems to make sense to me.

    Sorry if that doesn't help!
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