empleada doméstica

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  1. Neylita Member

    Buenos días.

    Alguen por favor me puede decir como se dice empleada domestica? en ingles:)
  2. elirlandes

    elirlandes Senior Member

    Dublin & Málaga
    Ireland English
    Daily maid
    Home help
  3. SJV Senior Member

    Also, domestic servant, domestic employee.
  4. blinkgirl Senior Member

    Rosario - Argentina
    Spanish - Argentina
    Houseeper, housemaid, maid
  5. scotu Senior Member

    Paradise: LaX.Nay.Mex.
    Chicago English
    Housekeeper :tick:
    caretaker :tick:
    household worker :tick:
    domestic staff / domestic help

    Although commonly used, many consider the titles of maid or servantto be patronizing.

    Are you looking for the general term (domestic employee) or words related to specific job functions?


    Note: In constructing a title for your question just use the specific words in question. For example a better title for this thread would be:
    "empleada/o domestica"
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