employees are torn between fears

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HI, everyone!
I saw an article recently:

Employers and employees are torn between fears of being exposed to the virus and fears of running out of money to pay for food and electricity. And government officials are left with the unhappy task of shutting down businesses that provide wages for large swaths of their communities.

So what's the exact meaning of 'torn between A and B'? And is it a popular use?

Thanks in advance! :)

Source:Coronavirus Live Updates: Millions Locked Down in California as Barriers Rise Worldwide
  • entangledbank

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    Yes, it's quite common: you can't decide between them, and they're both important, and it would hurt to lose either of them. You can be torn between two lovers.


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    Yes, it’s a very common expression, usually related to making a decision. For example: I can’t decide which car to buy. I’m torn between the Toyota and the VW.
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