empresa altamente exportadora


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Hi. I need a "clean" way to say this phrase. It is easy to say primarily dedicated to exports, but in this case it's part of the name of a program supporting these companies. It even has an acronym in the original "ALTEX" so I am wondering if there is a "cleaner" more polished way to say this that would fit in an official sounding name.

the original phrase is:

nuevo régimen de apoyo económico a las Empresas Altamente Exportadoras (ALTEX)

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance =)
  • Joe Esquire

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    In this case, it is a name, and acronym, made up by the government of the Mexico to refer to a certain export promotion program. The companies have to meet the definitional requirements of the program to qualify. It is set at 40% of sales as a minimum. Thus, it is not necessarily a primary activity or even a majority activity, but a substantial activity.

    As such, it is not a business term lending itself to a standard or known translation. I would say: