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    What does this word mean?
    Emretmek means to give orders
    So Emredersin should mean: you give orders, am I right?

    But this doesn't really make sense in the context I heard
    I heard it from a girl telling her friend emredersiniz when she asked her for a favor
  2. Gemmenita

    Gemmenita Senior Member

    1.Yes, Emretmek means "to give order" but here "Emredersiniz" is indeed "Siz emredin,ben dediğinizi/ istediğinzi yapayım."
    and is an expression to say: I am ready to your orders/ You give me order and I will do it with pleasure

    For example : Emredersiniz efendim!

    or a soldier says to his commander: Emredersiniz Komutanım!

    2. You tell that the girl said it to her friend: Usually (as my examples show) it is said between not closed people. It is formal and polite.
    Maybe she was kidding. I mean she wanted to show her good friendship and her friend knows certainly that. (so in this case it can be used)
  3. peptidoglycan Senior Member

    Chaton's explanation is fine. If a girl is telling her friend "emredersiniz", she must be kidding. People only tell this word to their commanders (or sometimes to their bosses).
  4. Zuccherro Senior Member

    Aha so it's a formal expression.
    I asked because we have almost the same expression in Arabic but for us it's not so formal we use it all the time with friends and close people. So thank you for clearing that up!

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