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Could anybody help me with "en étage"? the sentence is:
"Lancé il y a un peu plus d’un an, ce salon en étage a ses aficionados, heureux d’être traités différemment."
Could it be 'first floor', or 'over several floors'....?
Thanks in advance!
  • Nil-the-Frogg

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    It's not clear, but my bet would go to "over several floors". The other option is possible too but would not necessarily mention the first floor since it could be just about anyone above zero. The usual way to say the latter is "à l'étage", rather than "en étage" though, hence my preference for the first.


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    Spontaneously, I understand that the lounge is on the first floor. The 'afficionados' enjoy being treated differently .... because it is different from a lounge located on the ground foor, visible from the outside, etc.


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    Thanks all - it's talking about a hairdressing salon, with three stylists....I suspect 'over several floors' might make it too large a salon for only 3 stylists, whereas 'on the first floor' makes more sense, as most salons would be on street level...thanks for your help :).


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    In real estate adverts, "en étage" indicates that a flat is high enough to enjoy a view, probably well above the first floor.

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