EN: accepter que les systèmes soient implantés


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Hello everyone,

I have some troubles with this sentence using the subjunctive in French and thus translating it into English.
"Ces deux pays ont accepté que les nouveaux systems soient implantés sur leur territoire".

I am translating it as "both countries accepted that the new systems be stationned on their territories".

Can I use the subjunctive in English or should I write "both countries accepted that the new systems would be stationned on their territories" (if that's correct, i am not even sure).

I have always been unable to find a rule which cover this kind of context for the use of English subjunctive.

Could somebody help me with this?

Many thanks!!
  • geostan

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    I would translate this as: "both countries agreed that the new systems should be stationed in their territories."

    The English subjunctive is not used very much in modern English although a few of us keep certain usages alive, such as If I were you, It is important that he be here, etc. It is often preferable to use an auxiliary such as would, should, etc. This is not a completely satisfactory answer, but it is the best I can come up with right now.
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