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  1. toinette Member

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    Hello everybody !
    I was wondering what the correct translation for "aller au restaurant" was. Is it simply "to go to the restaurant" ? I don't know why but I have "to go to a restaurant" in mind. Are both forms correct ?
    Please help me,
    Thanks in advance
  2. tilt

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    Aller au restaurant means to go to the restaurant. Au is the contraction of à le (to the).

    To go to a restaurant would rather translate in aller dans un restaurant (à un is not really said in such a context).
  3. morristhepen Senior Member

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    It depends on the context. If you're introducing the idea into a discussion for the first time, it could be "a restaurant". If it's a restaurant you've already mentioned, or if it's your regular haunt, or if it's the only restaurant in the village, then "the".


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