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  1. silver lining Member

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    Hello everyone,

    I was wondering whether one should hyphenate the following job title: artist welder (an artist who uses welding as a means of expression).

    Artist welder

    Is it customary to hyphenate job titles that are made up of more than one element?

    Thank you very much!
  2. OLN

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    Je pense que artist est l'adjectif qui qualifie welder ou vice versa (a welder who is an artist)
    artist-welder avec un trait d'union transformerait artist en complément d'objet direct de welder (someone who welders artists).
  3. ForeverHis Senior Member

    American English

    In American English one would tend to use the appellation "welding artist" to indicate an artist who uses welding in his art work. "Artist-welder" would work too.
  4. OLN

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    So, does the hyphen stand for "and", and you also write artist-painter, artist-sculptor, etc.?
  5. ForeverHis Senior Member

    American English
    I hadn't thought of it that way, but, yes it does. We wouldn't say "artist-painter", etc. We just say "painter" or "sculptor" because it's understood that they are artists. The hypen is used in "artist-welder" because it's unusual. Some welders aren't artists, but that artist is a welder. Hyphenation is also used to describe combined job titles, such as "writer-producer" or "secretary-treasurer".
  6. OLN

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    Thanks. :)

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