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Bonjour à tous,

Le contexte : plusieurs associations tentent de trouver une solution pour empêcher le braconnage et le trafic de cornes de rhinocéros avant de stopper la demande.

Kota Fondation says : "We don't advocate for synthetic materials to be used in place of ivory or rhino horn. We argue to stop the semand."

Je souhaite répondre :
je suis d'accord mais en attendant de réussir (parvenir) à stopper la demande, quoi faire ? Couper les cornes de tous les rhinos sauvages ?
I agree but while waiting for success in stopping the demand, what to do ? De-horn all wild rhinos ?

Merci pour vos avis, corrections et conseils :)
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    Hello A&S, this is awkward in English mainly, I think, because if we use the dangling participle "while waiting ....", it appears (in the absence of any other subject) to be "we" that is the subject of waiting, and, "we" cannot stop the demand (or have any success in doing so) by waiting.

    The solution, in my opinion, is (1) not to translate the grammar, so go for "until" instead of "while", and (2) not to repeat the phrase "stopper la demande", though you can do so, as in (a) below, which is clumsier than the other options, in my view:
    (a) I agree, but until the demand can (,indeed,) be stopped, what do we do - de-horn ......?
    (b) I agree, but until that happens, what do we .....
    (c) I agree, but until that point is reached, what do we ...
    (d) I agree, but until that comes about, what do we ...
    (e) I agree, but until that is achieved, what do we ...
    (f) I agree, but until we can manage to do that, what do we
    (g) I agree, but until we succeed in making that happen, what do we ...

    In b, c, d, e, f and g, "that" is clearly "stopper la demande", and réussir (parvenir) à XYZ is rendered as until XYZ is done . Note that the impersonal "what to do?" :cross: for "quoi faire?" (or "que faire?") doesn't work in English. You have to say "what can/do we do?" or "what can be done?", or "what's to be done?", or "what's the solution/answer?".
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