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  1. coyote86 Member

    English, Canada
    Bonjour tout le monde!
    Is anyone able to explain to me when it is applicable to use each of these expressions?
  2. Nil-the-Frogg

    Nil-the-Frogg Senior Member

    Français (France)
    I would say we use the first one in almost any situation. The only exception I can think of would be something like: "Et on coupe le circuit au temps t."
  3. coyote86 Member

    English, Canada
    merci beaucoup!
  4. tilt

    tilt Senior Member

    Nord-Isère, France
    French French
    As far as I can say, au même temps is never used. In the same time is always en même temps.
  5. Rory Melough

    Rory Melough Senior Member

    Birmingham, UK
    British English
    Thanks for clearing this one up - I'll always stick to "en même temps" from now on.
  6. shanya Senior Member

    You can say " Au même moment" which means the same as " at the same time" or " en même temps" / but never " au même temps" ;)

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