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  1. bibinyc New Member

    I would like to know if expression " baddest things " is correct ?
    If it's wrong, give me a synonym please !!
  2. Liketheleaf

    Liketheleaf Member

    the worst things
  3. catay Senior Member

    Canada anglais
    The superlative for bad is worst:
    "worst things":)
  4. bibinyc New Member

    thanks you so much for your replies !
  5. wildan1

    wildan1 Moderando ma non troppo (French-English, CC Mod)

    worst is the standard superlative for bad

    However bad is also a slang term that can me cool/great/fantastic or powerful/scary (AE Black dialect--you will often hear this in Black rap/hiphop lyrics)

    In that case the adjective is regular: bad, badder, baddest
  6. catay Senior Member

    Canada anglais
    A good point. Yes, of course, in a different context.:)
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  7. HokageIV

    HokageIV New Member

    I totally agree with the grammar part of your explanation. Just a point a point I would like to clarifiy. Black dialect... There is no black dialect. There is different level of language notably slang if that's what you are refering to by saying black dialect.. Slang depends on places (towns, regions...) and foreign communities modifying the orginal language by importating their own. But certainly not with the color of your skin. I can't find the origin of the term baddest but it certainly doesn't come from a "Black dialect" especially since black people in USA using slang doesnt come from the same area and the usage of the word must have started from somewhere. However, it is true that if a community in an area invent a new word it will easily be spreaded in the same community in other areas rather than in the rest of the the area. But this doesn't stand for baddest. Baddest is now widespread whatever its origin and you are likely to heard it everywhere from anybody especially in rap music (as a music using slang) matter-of-factly often black rap music since most famous rappers are black.
  8. Helianah New Member

    French - France
    The OED shows baddeste and baddyst as Middle English forms and baddest as being in use from the sixteenth century onwards. It notes, however, that baddest is now non-standard and regional. For that reason it should be avoided in formal Standard English. Not all contexts, however, require formal Standard English.

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