en bon père de famille


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Does anyone know of a good way to translate the follwoing sentence. The context is a property that is being rented out

Le Preneur devra jouir des biens loués en bon père de famille suivant leur destination

The best I have so far is 'the tenant will take full responsibility for the property and its contents'. Any thoughts would be gratefully received!
Thank you
  • Mathieu12345

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    Is it Article 1728 of the French Civil Code I'm hearing? :)

    A lessee is bound to make use of the thing leased as a prudent administrator and according to its purposes.

    Do not hesitate to correct my English.

    Are you a lawyer or a tenant?


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    Wicked thanks! That's just what I was looking for - and no, I'm neither lawyer nor tenant, just helping a friend out with a contract of his! (he's the landlord...) I think i'll be posting a couple more on before the night is out!
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