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Hi all,

I'm stumped by the use of contrepartie in the following legal passage:

Par cet accord, les Chercheurs de Polytechnique cèdent à Polytechnique leurs droits dans la Technologie, sous réserve des dispositions de la Politique en ce qui concerne la contrepartie [...]

Below is my translation -- basically a literal translation; it means nothing to me.

Through this agreement, the Polytechnique Researchers cede to Polytechnique their rights to the Technology, subject to the provisions of the Policy with regard to consideration.

Any thoughts? Insights?
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    "contrepartie" means "compensation" here.

    The french sentence is strange (why all those caps ?):
    "Par cet accord, les chercheurs de l'école/la faculté/l'université polytechnique cèdent leurs droits sur les technologies (qu'ils développent) à celle-ci, sous réserves des dispositions prévues par sa politique sur d'éventuelles compensations."
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    What it means is: Subject to those parts of the Policy which deal with payment for services. In law, the consideration (= contrepartie) is the essential element of a contract which deals with what you get in exchange for what you give.

    (For instance: Pedestrian "If you drive me to the station, I'll pay your fare" - Taxi driver "OK, hop in" is a valid contract in law. However Pedestrian "Will you do me a favour and drive me to the station; I'm afraid I'm broke" - Driver "OK, hop in" is not a contract, because the pedestrian is not offering any consideration. He can't complain if the driver drops him half-way, and the driver can't demand money later.)

    So in your case, the Polytechnique already has a policy to pay researchers in some way or other, which includes payment for rights.
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