En cherchant un emploi, on peut même...

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En cherchant un emploi, on peut même, plusieurs mois durant, continuer à toucher le chômage.
Guère étonnant si l’Europe est de loin la première destination de nos émigrants

Does this mean; When looking for a job, it can be the same situation; it can take months and one can still remain unemployed.

I'm not sure if the last bit is either:

A) It is hardly surprising that Europe is still far away from being the first destination for our immigrants.


B) It isn't surprising that Europe is the number one destination for our immigrants

The on peut même bit is throwing me off.

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    It means that : because of the fact you can get unemployement benefit while looking for a job, many immigrants (= who don't have jobs, so who'll enjoy those state aids) still migrate to Europe.

    "toucher le chômage" means "toucher l'allocation chômage".

    (I'm not sure my English is clear...)

    Hope it helps ;)
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