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    Cette question m'interesse dans l'autre sens: Est-ce que l'inversion Sujet / Verbe a cours en Anglais ?

    Je formule quelque chose comme:

    Le fichier peut etre copié et ouvert sur une autre machine, comme pourrait l'être n'importe quel document informatique.
    -> The file can be copied and opened on another station, as could be any IT document.

    Est-ce correct, ou dois-je forcément écrire as any IT document could be ?
    ( dans mes textes, les sujets peuvent avoir de longs qualificatifs qui font que la lisibilité me semble meilleure en inversant.)
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    Your inversion is correct.
  3. jann

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    I won't go so far as to say that the subject-verb inversion is "incorrect" in that context, but it sounds strange to me. My ear definitely prefers the non-inverted sentence.

    ...can be copied and opened on another worksataion, as any IT document could be.

    If the first half of the sentence used a true adjective or a noun ("the file can be confidential," "the file can be a PDF"), in place of the passive voice ("can be copied and opened"), then the inversion would be more natural. But even then, it would sound a bit formal or old-fashioned to me.

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