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French living in Belgium
Hi everybody,
I would like to know when to use "compare with" and when to use "compare to". Are there differences between those two forms?
Thank you in advance for your replies
  • kimson

    Switzerland, French
    The difference is the same as in "Comparer avec..." ("Je compare cette couleur avec une autre"/"I'm comparing this colour with another one") and "Comparé a" ("Mon chien est plus doux comparé au sien"/"My dog is softer compared to his")


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    Despite what's said in this thread, I would contend that both may be used in sentence like "it is useful to compare X with/to Y".
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    French - Paris

    I have some issues to understand the difference between to compare to and to compare with. When am I supposed to use to or with after to compare?
    For example, I wanted to say in French " Je pourrais facilement comparer ma famille à un fabuleux patchwork..."
    I would easily compare my family with/to an amazing patchwork...??

    Thank you!


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    To identify the analogy of two different things, use "compare to." To identify both the similarities and the differences, use "compare with."

    I would easily compare my family to/with an amazing patchwork.

    These mountains do not compare with (are not nearly as high as) the Himalayas.
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