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This is regarding the 2006 Tour de France official route:

"Dans les Alpes, l'étape de Morzine, c'est impressionnant aussi. Il y a trois ou quatre étapes de montagne qui sont vraiment très... Après en contrepartie, il y a ussi plus d'étapes de transition."

I've looked up "contrepartie" and read the previous thread regarding "en contrepartie," but "an exchange" or something of the sort doesn't seem fitting for the context. Any suggestions?

  • misstiti

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    "en contrepartie" veut plus ou moins dire 'par ailleurs' c'est à dire on ajoute un élément mais il faut aussi y intégrer une idée d'opposition

    best i can do


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    here it means 'in return'/'to make up for it' (meaning: to make up for the high numbers of mountain stages, there are/will be more transition stages)

    Nina F

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    In this context I'd say "on the other hand..." because it seems more logical for the meaning of the phrase to be respected.
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