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  1. Mayli Member

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    I'm trying to find out whether it is OK in English to start a sentence with "Convinced by this idea, I plan to......" or "Determined by this objective, we are..". This is possible in French. For example: "Convaincu de l'importance de cette chose, il est nécessaire..."
    In other words, I'm trying to understand whether we can start a sentence with a past participle phrase as it is possible in French.
    It is even more important as I was actually planning to start my cover letter as such..
    Many thanks for your help!
  2. jann

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    It is grammatically acceptable, but stylistically, I would strongly advise you to choose a different structure.

    That structure is extremely narrative in style, and it is most appropriate when you have already presented and explained the idea/objective/etc. in question. Using the structure to present the idea in the first place relegates both the idea and your belief in it to secondary status; indeed, the structure is superfluous from a syntactical and grammatical standpoint. An aside is not a strong way to start a cover letter. ;)
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    Belated thanks for this Jann! very good to know as I would naturally tend to you this structure a lot, but will be careful with it from now on!
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    I fully agree that it wouldn't be a good way to start a cover letter. But it's a construction that is quite often used in, as jann says, narrative style. An example: "The storm worsened. Blinded by a flash of lightning, Peter missed his footing and fell."

  5. Mayli Member

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    ok, I see, that's very good to know.
    Many thanks!

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