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    Bonjour, I'm translating a story with the phrase "cul de poule" in it, and i'm assuming it's vulgar, but I just don't know. The context is a teacher teaching some Algerian Muslim kids how to pronounce the word "estuaire":

    Elle épelle le mot, insiste sur le U. Ils suivent le mouvement de la bouche, les lèvres en avant comme pour siffler. Entre eux, ils disent, dans leur langue - en cul de poule-. Ils rient.

    ... in their own language - in ass of chicken -. ...

    What is the significance of the phrase "in their own language" ?

    Merci beaucoup!!
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  2. lucas-sp Senior Member

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    If the teacher doesn't speak Arabic, then they would naturally mock her in the language that she doesn't understand.

    The phrase "en cul de poule" is, I suppose, what they say to each other to mock the teacher - that she's made her mouth look like a hen's ass by making the "u" sound.

    I haven't looked at enough hen's asses to verify that this is a correct description on the part of the boys, but it does seem plausible, given the odd shape of the puckered lips needed to produce the "u."
  3. Michelvar

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    It's not vulgar, it's a set phrase we use in French to designate how to put the lips to pronounce the "u" sound.
  4. lucas-sp Senior Member

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    And I always trust the French when it comes to poultry-related matters.

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