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Hello, is the following translation correct?

la foule en délire : the feverish crowd
La chanteuse s'est produite pendant deux heures devant une foule en délire : the singer performed for two hours in front of a feverish crowd.

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    Hello Lalalena,

    I'm sorry your message has gone so long without a response. I think you have posted it in the wrong place. This forum is for reporting errors in or suggesting improvements to the dictionary entries. If you would like help with a specific translation, then you should post in the French-English vocabulary forum where you will always find other users ready and willing to help you.

    You can also check our dictionaries to see if you can find the translation you are looking for. Here is the page for délire. As you can see from the first entry, frenzied or delirious would probably work better in your translation.

    I hope we will see you in the vocab forum soon!