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  1. Minia35 Member

    I'm writting my CV and I've got a question :
    Is "Working experience in multidisciplinary technological international frameworks" right ?

    I want to say that I worked in a context of different technologies and this was in an international context.
    Thanks for your help.
  2. jann

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    Your order tells us that you worked in an international context and that your work was technological and also multidisciplinary.

    With three such adjectives, any order is semantically possible. Thus, the one you choose to place closest to the noun is perceived to be more inherent, more "inalienable," more important.

    If the critical part of your work was that it was international, then the order you have chosen is fine. But if the critical part of your work experience was that it was multidisciplinary or that it was in the technology sector, then "international" should not be the adjective closest to the noun.

    What would you have said in French? It would help us to advise you.
  3. Minia35 Member

    It was in hight-tech domain which is international :

    "hight-tech international frameworks" may be better ?
  4. jann

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    Well, as I said, we usually put the most "important" or inherent adjective closest to the noun. If the most essential quality of your work was that it was technological, and the fact that this work was international was of secondary importance (as your statement "it was in a high-tech domain which is international" would imply), then you should put high-tech closest to the noun.

    Once again, I find myself asking what you would have said in French.;)

    Careful: "high-tech," not "hight-tech," and we generally use the word "framework" in the singular.
  5. Minia35 Member

    Thanks Jann

    In French, I would say "Dans un environnement high-tech international"
  6. Maître Capello

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    En français on imbrique les adjectifs de gauche à droite après le nom. Pour traduire une telle expression en anglais, il suffit généralement de faire tout le contraire ! :)

    un environnement high-tech international = an international high-tech framework

    [[un environnement] high-tech] international = an [international [high-tech [framework]]]
    [[un environnement] high-tech] qui est international = [a high-tech [framework]] that is international
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