1. DeaL New Member


    Between :

    Did you ever be in love?
    Have you ever been in love?

    I just wander if both are correct and what is the difference?

  2. Le Païen Member

    COLUMBUS, Ohio E-U
    USA / English
    Euf, c'est un peu difficile à expliquer, DeaL...

    "Were you ever in love?" would indicate a past action, which is no longer possible or in question, I think. Something you might ask your bachelor great-uncle now in his old age and too far past it for new love.

    "Have you ever been in love?" includes the past time up to the present, and does not imply that it's all over.

    "Did you ever be" is not good English. But you could say "Did you ever fall in love?"

    Tu piges?
  3. calembourde

    calembourde Senior Member

    Genève, Suisse
    New Zealand, English
    I agree with Le Païen.

    In general, I would usually say 'have you ever [done something]' but I think that Americans also say 'did you ever [do something]' to mean the same thing. At least, 'did you ever fall in love' sounds American to me. I would only say 'did you ever...' if it was 'did you ever [do that thing that you were planning to do, or said you were going to do]'

    It doesn't work in this case though. 'Did you ever be' sounds weird, because 'being' is not really something that we actively 'do'.
  4. DeaL New Member

    Je crois que je pige un peu!!
  5. Le Païen Member

    COLUMBUS, Ohio E-U
    USA / English
    Verbs in English are really hard. So many irregular past participles, so many shades of meaning all depending on the context. Courage!

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