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  1. Mayoide Senior Member

    Quiero decir en inglés: Guardo la foto en el ordenador. La he puesto de salvapantallas.

    I keep the photo in???on?? the computer. I have put it of??as?? wallpaper.

  2. FromPA

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    I keep the picture in my computer. I've made it my screen saver / wallpaper (not the same thing).
  3. kayokid

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    What FromPA says is definitely valid. Using the verb "to keep" here is not my first choice, but I had to use it I think an argument for "on my computer" could be made. Personally, I would use "on". (I don't know if this is a regional difference/preference or just a personal one.)

    Actually, I think the complete thought is: I saved the photo in "My Pictures" on my computer. (But in normal conversation you're usually not that exact/specific...)

    My choice of verbs would not be "to keep" here. I think I would say something like:
    I have (or I've saved/I saved) the picture/photo on my computer. I've made it my screen saver/wallpaper. (or It's my screen saver.)
  4. jtLeebs

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    I would definitely say "on my computer." Curiously, I'm from PA too...

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