EN: Elle aura du mal à faire oublier cette affaire

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    Hello there! I need some help, no matter how I look at it I just cannot find a suitable translation for this french sentence.. I've tried : this is gonna be hard for Alizée to make this forgotten, Alizée's gonna have a hard time to make this forgotten ... but it just doesn't sound okay... :/
  2. Jeanne75 Senior Member

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    The beginning of your translations are ok. But in the end of the sentence you use passive and that does not work in my view.


    to get people to forget this case / story / whatever...

    to bring this (whatever) out of people's minds.

  3. stickyfloor Senior Member

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    You could also perhaps say: "cover up" but without more context it's hard to say if it is correct.
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    It seems more natural to say "It's..." rather than "This..."

    I agree that "to get people to forget" is probably the closest. Just a little note that in the actual sentence, you need the participle "getting" rather than the infinitive. I have never been able to explain why sometimes it's correct in English to use an infinitive but more often it's correct to use a participle. In this case, maybe it's because it's the third verb in the sentence.

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