En fin, En todo caso, De todas maneras = anyway


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Hello all - I'm currently in Spain studying abroad and am having a little trouble deciding when to use "en fin", "en todo caso", and "de todas maneras" when all translate into English as "anyway". As "anyway" in English seems to be utilized more in spoken language for transitioning between topics or coming to a conclusion, it appears to me that these terms are used the same way in Spanish.

Personally in Spain I hear "de todas maneras" very little, while I've heard "en todo caso" a few times, and "en fin" on several occasions. Are they all used the same way? Is this another "Spain-ism" in that there's a difference in use among Spanish-speaking countries?
Járabe de palo lyrics - "Ole":

Parece que sí pero no
Parece que no pero sí.

En fin, ¿en qué quedamos?
¿O si o no?
Here, "en fin" seems to me to best translate to "after all" or "So".

If anyone could sort this out for me I'd be most appreciative!
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