En foi de quoi, la présente attestation lui est délivrée pour servir et valoir ce que de droit

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  1. kaikai New Member

    Hi All,

    How do you say that in English? Is there an expression to say the same thing in English or are English less formal than Frenchies?

    En fait une collègue anglophone à qui j'ai demandé m'a répondu : "In English countries when we deliver a certificate we don't need to write all these things on it. You French people are too complicated :D"

    J'ai compris que l'expression n'avait pas de pareil en anglais...
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  2. wildan1

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    kaikai, Ta collègue a raison !

    You can skip all those details and just put at the end:

    Name: John Smith

    ________a signature line
    Title: Director of Social Services
    Date: November 7, 2007

    (PS: We also don't bother to put the place: "Fait à Paris...")
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  3. wadrawa Member

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    In testimony whereof; this attestation is issued to him to serve whom it may concern.
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  4. wildan1

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    That is indeed the literal translation one might use for a document translated from French. But it will never appear in original English documents.
  5. Chebu New Member

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    I had the same question - thank you, mean man and wadrawa. Wildan1: If the line appears in the official document, it does have to be translated.

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