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    Which more appropriated position does an adverb belongs to, in a sentence ?

    I've generally learned by myself
    Generally, I learned by myslef
    I learned by myself generally

    All is right, but in general cases, could it mean different things ? Is there a standard position depleted of writting style ? Are other ways for the style ? To Emphasise ?

    Thank you.
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    Generally, the position of the adverb is fine in all three sentences. The default one, i.e. neutral, is #1. #2&3 are differ in information stress.

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    #1 is more neutral, #2 puts emphasis on "generally" and would normally be followed by a "but...". I would never use #3 nor have I ever heard anyone else use it.
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    Strange as it seems, the position #3 of the adverb is not out of the question, you can certainly come across it. Here's an example form a book:
    I am not certain that they all did that duty in every ship in the Mediterranean, but certainly they did it generally.
    Besides, one can also say:
    I learned by myself [a short pause for some deliberation after which the speaker adds] generally

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