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Monsieur Leland

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French - France
Can we use "han't it" instead of "hasn't it?" and if so, what is the difference between those two contractions and how would you translate it into french? The sentence is: "Your research has progressed han't it?".

  • Maître Capello

    Mod et ratures
    French – Switzerland
    It looks like a typo or very sloppy English… but perhaps the s is dropped in some varieties of English.

    Anyway, the standard contraction of has not it is hasn't it.


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    English- Ireland
    I agree that "han't it" is not standard English, although it is accepted in certain areas as a valid variant of "hasn't it". One thing I would add- while "hasn't it" is a contraction of "has not it", if you wish to avoid using a contraction the correct form would be "has it not".So the two valid (at least in standard English) forms would be "hasn't it" and "has it not".

    Another thing: there is a difference in meaning between the two. In the example you gave, "Your research has progressed, hasn't it?" would be equivalent to saying, "I have noticed that your research has progressed". "Has it not", however, is similar to a question such as, "Has your research progressed?". Intonation is also key to differentiating-- a rising inflection with both "hasn't it" and "has it not" will be similar to "Has your research progressed?"
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