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  1. Dapoint Senior Member

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    Quelle est la phrase correcte : "Have you seen" ou "Did you see" ? Je ne me rappelle jamais. Ou est-ce que les deux sont corrects, mais à utiliser différemment ?

    Merci pour vos explications.


    PS : Je ne suis pas sûr que ce post soit bien classé. Si c'est le cas, je m'en excuse d'avance.
  2. Pipsy Senior Member

    Both are correct, in different contexts. e.g. "Have you seen Marco recently? He doesn't seem to come to work that often anymore."
    Or another context "did you see that film yesterday, it was really good. "
  3. Philip(pe)

    Philip(pe) Senior Member

    English - US; Russian
    Whenever a specific moment in the past is indicated, you *must* say "Did you see..." (For example, "Did you see him yesterday?") But use "Have you seen..." with "recently," "lately" and "already," or when a regularity is suggested ("Have you seen much of him?" or "Have you seen him much lately?")

    Apart from these, if the context suggests a timeframe or situation that is still in place (for example, today at work), "Did you see Bob?" and "Have you seen Bob?" can be used interchangeably, although "Have you...?" is academically preferable.
  4. Dapoint Senior Member

    Paris, France
    Thank you very much Pipsy and Philip(pe), especially Philip(pe) as you give the rule with exemples besides.

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