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Hi everybody!

I was watching a TV show and one character said:"I can't watch no more this show"
So I was wondering if the caracter want to watch this show or if she can't stand watching this show..
This doesn't affect my understanding of story line but I want to know more about it.

I have tried to find an explanation on the internet but I have only found that the double negation is used in oral english.

Thank you for your help !!

  • Uncle Bob

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    Hello and Welcome to the forum,

    It can mean either "I am not going to watch any more of this programme" or "I am not going to watch this programme again", if the programme is on every week for example. There is no way of telling, without more context, which is meant.

    Now for the grammar: the sentence is incorrect but the double negative is commonly used (incorrectly), especially when associated with some dialects. However the sentence has another problem: "normal" incorrect use of the double negative would be "I can't watch this show no more". So it is doubly incorrect (which, unlike a double negative, doesn't make a positive:)).


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    Thank you for your answer !
    Now i get it,I think I didn't really get the meaning because of the second mistake, because "I can't watch this show no more" is understandable. The character uses slang language so it's hard to get it somethimes..
    Anyway if I have to use double negation I will use it correctly thanks to you !!
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