EN: I get lost / I'm getting lost / I am lost


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I don't grasp the difference between 'I get lost', 'I'm getting lost' and 'I'm lost'.

To me, 'I'm lost' and 'I get lost' mean you're already lost. The action is really finished.
Whereas 'I'm getting lost' seems to be a "process" which is not entirely stopped.... ' I'm losing (myself)' surely clumsy that's the idea.

Is it right?
thanx for your help
  • rosieg

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    I'm lost - action finished, but I am still lost
    I got lost - action finished in the past, I am not lost any more
    I get lost - present simple therefore very general, eg., Every time he leaves the house he gets lost. If I get lost I will call you for directions. I hope I don't get lost.
    I'm getting lost - I agree with your explanation.
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