EN: Il y a eu d'importantes hausses


I would like to say: Il y a eu d'importantes hausses l'année dernière sur ce produit....but I don't manage to find the right sentence.
présent: There are important increases regarding this product
past: Last year, There were important increase regarding this product...
J'ai l'impression que were n'est pas le bon temps?
Thanks a lot for your help...
  • dratuor

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    heuu non...

    Here 'important' should be translated by 'major'
    there was major increase...

    To be more natural the sentence should be phrased the other way round.

    What did increase?

    i.e: Sales of this product increased last year...

    If you have more context it can help


    Thanks Dratuor for your help...
    I've just checked to my dictionary and "significant" is (perhaps) more appropriate for this sentence.
    It's regarding raw materials increases.