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Est-ce que in charge of peut se mettre en fin de phrase sans nom ou adjectif. ex : She sent me an opportunity that you are in charge of.

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  • misterk

    Yes. (It was considered bad form to end a sentence with a preposition, but people do it all the time, because in many contexts it sounds so much more natural). E.g.:
    Which department are you in charge of?
    These are the projects that I'm in charge of.

    There are alternative ways of saying such sentences that avoid the preposition at the end -- Which department do you manage? These are the projects that I'm overseeing. -- but most people would find a sentence ending with "...in charge of" perfectly natural.


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    Thank you very much. I'd like to use it in an affirmative sentence rather than a questions. Such as :
    She sent me this opportunity that you are in charge of.

    Kelly B

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    While I completely agree, I do think it's worth considering alternatives like those Misterk suggested if you are applying for an opportunity - there are still some pedants in the anglophone world, and you don't want to annoy one if you're hoping she'll hire you.
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