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So I was watching this documentary where the narrator says “ This site is get more exciting, we are get more excited”. Is it right? If yes kindly explain me how.

I understood, what he was trying to say but didn’t understand the grammatical structure of it. Shouldn’t it be:

1. “ this site gets more exciting, we get/are excited”

2. “this site is got more exciting, we are got more excited”

3. “this site is getting more exciting, we are getting excited”

Thank You in Advance
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    This site is getting more exciting, (and) we are getting more excited.

    Je pense qu'à cause de l'accent tonique placé sur get, on n'entend pas bien -ing (on entend get'n). Le reste devrait être distinct.


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    To add to this, often times in BrE, there is a glottal stop where a -t- occurs and the rest is kind of barely uttered into the next word. The most likely is since they are actively there, "the site is getting more exciting." You should listen for no t but g, open e, glottal stop, then n that transitions quickly into the next word.
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    Note that if you are watching a video on YouTube, you can reduce the playback speed via the star symbol under the video picture. This will help you to detect syllables which are unclear or "swallowed".
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