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  1. strassly New Member

    Je me pose une question, dit-on "It was great to meet you" ou 'It was great meeting you" ?
    Thanks for your answer
  2. Franco-filly Senior Member

    Southern England
    English - Southern England
    I think I'd automatically say "..meeting you" but I can't say why ;)
  3. radiok Senior Member

    UK English
    Les deux ! Personnellement (comme britannique, pour ce que ça vaut), je dirais plutôt le premier, mais le deuxième me choquerait surtout pas.
  4. Santana2002 Senior Member

    English, from Ireland
    Both are correct with my personal preference being the first option.
  5. strassly New Member

    Merci de votre aide
  6. Suehil

    Suehil Medemod

    Tillou, France
    British English
    There is a slight difference in meaning; 'great meeting you' implies that you enjoyed the meeting itself, 'great to meet you' means more that you were glad you met the person.

    "It was great meeting so many people at the party but it was absolutely mind-blowing to meet my hero, XXX"
  7. Pierre_zane Member

    Does it have to be in past tense? I thought it's ok to say afterwards: "It is great meeting you!"
  8. Franco-filly Senior Member

    Southern England
    English - Southern England
    As I said in post 2, after the event I would be more inclined to say “It was great meeting you (at last/yesterday/etc.).

    However,if I were making the comment a) as I met them I would say "It is great to meet you (at last/after all this time/etc) and b) just as I am leaving them, I would say “It is great to have met you (at last/after all this time/etc)"

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