EN: j'ai pu apprécier votre cuisine



Je cherche à traduire "Je ne suis resté qu'une seule semaine mais j'ai pu apprécier votre cuisine".

Je pense à "I stayed only one week but I could appreciate your cooking" or "I stayed only one week but I was able to appreciate your cooking". :confused:

Quelle est la bonne réponse ?

Merci pour votre aide.
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    "Was able to" is acceptable but not, I don't think, as complimentary as the French. "I got to ..." and "gave me the opportunity to ..." are both fine. Actually I would revamp the sentence in English along the lines of "During/over/in the short week I stayed with you, I was lucky enough to enjoy/appreciate ..."
    All right, you might argue that's not quite what the French says, but it sounds more idiomatic and a bit more effusive, voyons! You might even get invited back!


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    I got to appreciate... (dans le sens de It gave me the opportunity to...) ?
    Qu'en penses-tu, Pete ?
    Of the two choices given by the OP, I much prefer was able to. But I agree that the sentence (both in English and in French) could be reworked.
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