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    Hello everyone!

    An inspector says "Je fais seulement mon travail". (insistance)

    1- I only do my work.
    2- I'm only doing my work.

    I'd go for the second one (the -ing form) and not the simple present.
    Would you rather use "work" or "job" in that particular context?
    Thanks a lot.
  2. besoul

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    La deuxième expression sera privilégiée car cela indique l'action faite présentement.
    Concernant la différence "work" et "job", les deux peuvent se dire mais la signification n'est pas la même. "work" désigne les actions effectuées tandis que "job" va désigner la fonction occupée et les responsabilités qui lui incombent.
  3. Language Hound Senior Member

    American English
    More context is needed.
    What exactly is the inspector insisting on here?
    What is the situation? Has someone objected to something the inspector said or did, and
    this is the inspector's reply?
    In that case, I would say: I'm only doing my job.

    If, however, he is insisting upon the fact that he only does his work and no one else's,
    then you could use either 1 or 2.
  4. MakeEachDayCount Senior Member

    Thanks to both of you for your explanations.
    Sorry Language Hound. I should have provided more context. I do apologise.
    Someone has objected to something the inspector said, so your suggestion is perfect :).

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