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  1. Titi1 New Member

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    Next month, I'm on holiday so I will be able (could ?) to spend more time with my children.

    I have the feeling that the correct form is "will be able to", but I wonder if "could" could be correct too, and if yes what does it imply ?

    Thanks for your help.
  2. VanOo

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    Well you can wait for a native to confirm, but I'd advise against.

    could is the past or conditionnal form of can. Using futur + present + past in a single sentence would be rather wrong, I might say.

    If your holidays are somehow conditionned, maybe 'could' could be used.
  3. aeb31 Senior Member

    I think the right sentence is "I will be able to ...", simply because it's a future (in French je pourrai and not je pourrais), with no condition.

    However, in my opinion, you could use "could" if there was a condition to follow. For example: I could spend more time with my children if they decided not to go with their grandparents.
  4. radiok Senior Member

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    Exactly. :)

    Pourrai = will be able to
    Pourrais = could

    I'm on holiday next month, so I'll be able to spend more time with my children.
    I'm on holiday next month. I could spend (that) time with my children, but I'd rather just go to the ice-cream parlour with my beau.
  5. Titi1 New Member

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    That's what I thought but I needed your advice...thanks a lot.

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