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    I would like to know about the right tense to use in the following, simple or progressive present:

    "You will not touch my children, for I am there, watching / and I watch."

    I would go for the progressive present, but I also think that the action of watching can be permanent and everlasting, so in this case, the simple present should be fine.
    Maybe the future can be used, too, to express that the action will last a long time.

    Can you tell me your ideas?
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    Dans votre premier exemple, il ne s'agit pas d'un present continuous, mais d'un participe présent en apposition. C'est d'ailleurs a priori la solution la plus naturelle. Mais si vous voulez un verbe conjugué, il nous faudrait davantage de contexte… En particulier, s'agit-il d'une habitude ou d'un événement précis ?

    I am here, watching.
    I am here and I am watching.
    I am here and I watch.

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