en la que se sustenta

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  1. hello everyone I need someone to help me translate this sentence particuraly the underlined part

    La propuesta metodológica en la que se sustenta el trabajo es de tipo descriptiva

    thanks in advanced
  2. stretch

    stretch Senior Member

    The methodological proposal that the work/assignment is supported by, is descriptive in nature.
  3. julian7911 Senior Member

    The methodological approach this work is based on, is of descriptive nature.
  4. stretch

    stretch Senior Member

    Yeah, your first part sounds better, but I like my last part better. I suggest we combine forces!

    "The methodological approach this work/assignment is based on is descriptive in nature."

    What do you think?
  5. thanks a lot to both of you this is the abstract I was working on, in case you see any other mistake please I´d apreciate your help
    Facing a public health problem like stress, and particularly in the academic field there are a lot of studies that during the last year had been made and carried out in order to find the right tools for improving the life quality of those who suffer it.
    In this work an exhaustive bibliografic revision was made in up to date articles and documents about the academic stress.
    As first poit the conceptual cut elements were deeply checked, as well as the current and historic precedents, with the intention to increase the knowledge of the theme. Thereupon, here is touched the stress or sparked situations that provoke it, describing then its characteristic and distinctive features of couses and problematic manifestations of it like a psychological stage, besides the relevance this theme has for the educative institutions.
    The methodological proposal that the work is based on is descriptive in nature, therefore the intetion is focused in characterize and describe all the information given by the studied bibliography.
    Key words: Academic stress.
  6. julian7911 Senior Member

    Agree: better "descriptive in nature"
  7. stretch

    stretch Senior Member

    Could you include the Spanish version? That would be very helpful.

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