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    En poblaciones con censo inferior a 2.500 habitantes se autoriza en las categorías Juvenil y Sénior, la inscripción y alineación en categoría inmediata superior de hasta seis jugadores, aunque el club de que se trate no participe en competiciones de categoría inferior.

    how can en be translated in this context? is it in? So can the text be translated into something like "in the city with the population less than 2500, soccer players can be authorized in the category of Juvenil and Senoir"?
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    In populations with a census less than 2500 inhabitants it is authorized the inscription and selection in categories Junior and Senior in an upper category up to six players, although the club doesn't participate in lower category competitions.

    Me sigue sin gustar lo que acabo de hacer, jajaja


    PD: Wait for some more answers!

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