EN: le meilleur que j'aie jamais eu

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I am hesitating with the use of the right tense.
I'm planning a trip to see a friend and I am teasing him a bit by saying "make sure that my stay will be the best I'd ever had / have."
I first wrote automatically 'had', but then I'm not sure about the rightness...

Thank you for your help
  • EdSteves

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    Make sure my stay will be the best I've ever had sounds the most natural solution to me. :)

    Edit: On second thoughts, given the context, I think make sure my stay will be the best I could possibly ever have! works well too.

    Just a note: I think removing 'that' after 'make sure' makes it sound more natural too.
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    As it's a friend, you could be more informal and say simply, "make sure my stay is the best ever".
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